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6 tips for juicing at home

6 tips for juicing at home

Drinking fresh juice is one of the best ways to maintain strong health and wellness. Juice provides us with a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates proteins and so much more! Here at 6 great tips for juicing at home: 

1. Drink it fresh

It is best to drink your juice within 30 minutes of making it. Fresh juice can develop bacteria rather quickly and its nutrient content can be destroyed with increased exposure to air and light. In order to get the most from it, drink your juice right away.

2. Eat well

Juicing is a great way to add extra nutrients and minerals into your diet, but there is typically little protein, fat, and fiber. Your digestive system was created to work. A juice fast now and again might work well for you but people cannot live on juice alone. Just as the mind must be kept active in order to keep it working at a high level, the same goes for bodily processes like digestion. 

3. Make use of the pulp

It may be an inconvenience to clean your juicer, but instead of throwing away your leftover pulp, consider putting it to good use. Pulp can be added to garden compost or used in baking.

4. Try something new

Be adventurous with your produce selections. One of the biggest benefits of juicing is that it allows you to consume a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. The next time you shop, choose something you’ve never juiced before and try it out.

5. Choose high quality produce

Going organic can be more expensive but it’s a health investment that pays off long-term. Prioritize your organic purchases by researching clean fifteen and dirty dozen lists.

6. All juices are not created equal

Vegetable juices are nutrition powerhouses. Fruit juices, although an excellent source of vitamin C, are high in naturally occurring sugars and should be consumed less often. If you’re new to juicing, try adding apples, pears, lemon, or ginger to help make your vegetable juice taste better. Slowly work towards a 3:1 ratio -three vegetables to one piece of fruit.

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