Love Beauty Foods

About Us

Love Beauty Foods is an Australian natural beauty company that is all about living your best life. 

After years of taking oral oestrogen and progesterone hormones and then deciding to ditch them, Love Beauty Foods founders Gabby along with her partner Will saw first-hand the dramatic impact of what you put inside your body and how it appears on the outside - through unwanted acne, redness, looking dull resulting in a loss of confidence and feeling tired and defeated. It was here that the idea behind Love Beauty Foods was born - to create natural and organic products using pure and powerful ingredients that will have you looking great and feeling confident - without the use of any preservatives, chemicals or other nasties!

They source their raw ingredients from some of the finest growers in Australia and around the world. Maintaining the integrity of the plants throughout the dehydration and fermentation process is really important and they are really careful who they work with. They mix their own formulations so they know exactly what is going into their products, while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of their products rather than sacrificing quality and affordability.
The next step is to move towards making their packaging 100% biodegradable and zero waste!

Will and Gabby are passionate about keeping beauty and health simple. They both have an extensive history in the organic food industry and have used this knowledge to create nourishing products that will leave your face and body glowing, happy and healthy! 

Founders Gabby & Will

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