Love Beauty Foods

Hair + Nail Nourish Beauty Elixir


hair and nail beauty powder

Rise, mani, brush and shine with naturally bio-fermented and nutrient-dense raw superfood ingredients including prebiotics + probiotics. This delicious blend combines unique ancient superfoods and herbs that provide your body with a diverse supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in each serving to boost hair + nail strength and texture.

Great for all skin types with a natural chocolate flavour!

Directions: Mix one teaspoon with 200ml/8oz of water. For extra yumminess, blend one teaspoon with your favourite juice, yoghurt or smoothie once per day.

Suitable for people who are: vegetarian / vegan / lactose intolerant / gluten free.

Proudly made in Australia.

120 g / 4.23 oz

Free from:
• Gluten / Wheat
• Added Sugar
• Soy
• Animal Products
• Lactose
• Whey
• Artificial Colours, Preservatives, Sweeteners & Fillers. 

Main Ingredients:

Gingko Biloba
Slippery Elm
Psyllium Husk

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