Sustainability is a fundamental reason for us being in business and we are determined to make conscious decisions to minimise our impact on the planet.

Our Story

LOVE BEAUTY FOODS was born from a desire to live better lives. Initially, our own.

In our early adulthood, experienced separately, we placed ourselves in big cities. With high-pressure jobs and chaotic social obligations we each felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the city hustle.

Burnt-out, our lives paralleled as we each sought more balance and found our way back to our shared coastal hometown, Newcastle.

The slower pace, the beach, the community and the closer proximity to family created the simplicity and space we each needed. Space to find each other.

We connected over a shared deep love for the raw natural world, and its many wonders. Living by some of Australia’s most beautiful locations; the wild deep blue ocean and the pristine bushland of the majestic Watagan mountains, we spent as much time in nature as we could and grew increasingly passionate about protecting it.

With more time off-grid, and practices that helped to ground us: Gabby found solace in Kundalini yoga, combining breathwork, mantra and movement, while for Will, it was long distance trail running, we slowly began transforming our lives.

Responding to an impulse to create tools for a more conscious way of living, and experience in the organic food industry, we started mixing natural beauty concoctions in our tiny flat by the beach.

Everything we made needed to be natural, vegan, organic and have low (and eventually, no) waste, but the efficacy and employment had to deliver. We want to enable people to live a more conscious life, but not a lesser one, in fact, quite the opposite.

Our natural and organic products are made with only the purest, nutrient-dense ingredients, carefully sourced from local and organic growers making for potent efficacy and no irritation. Proud partners of key Australian conservation charities, each sale contributed to the protection and conservation of our natural world and its wildlife.

We believe global care starts with self care. Together we can do better for you and the planet.

Gabby and Will

We take time off grid as often as possible.

Sleeping under the stars and connecting with nature as a family is the ultimate restorer.

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Our Philosophy

Giving Back

A portion of our sales go to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment as well as providing support for projects working with Indigenous ranger groups.

We know everything we make has an impact on the planet and we want to protect and reinforce it to be enjoyed by many future generations. We have elected to support conservation efforts.



With projects that are community driven from conception to implementation, the KKT brings together communities and philanthropists to address some of our nation’s most pressing issues: environmental conservation, education and employment. They work with Indigenous Ranger groups in one of the most culturally rich and biodiverse regions of Australia: West and Central Arnhem Land.


Protecting our climate by restoring our forests, Greenfleet has been establishing and managing biodiverse forest sinks in Australia for 17 years. Dedicated to connecting community with practical climate action, they have planted more than 8.5 million trees.


We’re committed to making better decisions as an organisation. We stand by these core values:


Our products and production is 100 percent vegan safe.


Beeswax is vital for the survival of the bee colonies.


All our products are filler-free. No additives, sweeteners, flavours or thickening agents.


We are a zero waste brand. Our packaging consists of 100 percent recycled glass, aluminium and FSC certified paper and cardboard.


A cocktail of chemicals are used in the production of everyday plastics.


Our formulas are literally good enough to eat. It’s what inspired our origin, and our name.


All of our products are completely water free and therefore don’t require preservatives.


We've commenced growing key ingredients onsite, and collaborate with local growers and suppliers of organic and native Indigenous ingredients.

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