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Love Beauty Foods believes in a holistic approach to beauty - what you put on your skin should be just as good as what you put inside your body. We create 100% natural, organic and vegan small batch beauty products in the coastal town of Newcastle, Australia. Beauty from the inside out.

Ingestible Beauty Elixirs

Over 25 ingredients that are amazing for your skin, hair and nails? Yes please! Made with naturally fermented nutrient-dense superfood ingredients including prebiotics and probiotics.


"This product is amazing. I noticed results within 2-3weeks! Not only do my teeth look whiter, my mouth feels cleaner. Non-Toxic & Organic ingredients make it easy to stand behind this product. I highly recommend it!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻" - Organic Mint & Neem Natural Toothpowder

– Taryn M

"Love this product! I just add it to my smoothies in the morning and enjoy all the benefits. In no time you're going to see a difference in your complexion. Let's not forget about all the amazing 100% natural, organic ingredients that are used to create this Beauty Elixir! ❤" - Radiant Skin Beauty Elixir

– Rose B

"This tooth-whitener is incredible. After just three uses, two people commented on the whiteness of my teeth. One of them was my dentist!" - Smile Dust Natural Teeth Whitener

– Kate C

"I love the products of this company, they do what they say. The taste is so great and the feel after you taking it is perfect . So happy with my purchase" - Fountain of Youth Beauty Elixir

– Maria L

Featured product

Natural organic hand sanitiser sanitizer 100ml mint alcohol

Our natural plant-based 70% alcohol hand sanitiser will disinfect and clean your hands or any hard surface while leaving a refreshing mint fragrance. 

Kills up to 99.9% of germs.

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